Drone School's Summer Camp
Active leisure in a forest park

Lots of robotics classes

For schoolchildren from 7 to 17 years old
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Drone summer camp

Our film, shot entirely with a drone, won international
insta 360 Awards
Latvian robotics championship
Latvian drone racing for young people
Baltic Drone Racing League (BDRL), Junior
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Drone-based robotics
We teach children to build drones, solder microelectronics, model and print 3D objects, program and configure, understand video/radio signals and, of course, pilot sports drones.

Drone-based robotics is so exciting for children that they lose interest in computer games, and many new and more exciting things appear in their lives. Realizing that training is needed to achieve the result, a child starts using the computer in a completely different way and wisely allocating his time. Parents of our students often tell us about this.

In the camp we work with children with totally different levels of training. We do our best so that by the end of the shift the level of knowledge and skills of each child turned out to be significantly higher comparing to the beginning of the shift. And most importantly, that every child gets even more motivation to study further.
Drone race
Flying a drone develops the child's ability to concentrate, reaction, stress resistance, spatial thinking, tactical and strategic thinking.

Drone races are held at speeds over 100 km/h. The drone needs to go through a track full of various obstacles, and the pilot needs to complete challenging aerobatic maneuvers. The winner is the one who comes to the finish line first.

The biggest victory of a schoolboy in drone racing is the victory of 15-year-old Luke Bannister (Great Britain) in the World championship 'World Drone Prix 2016' in Dubai. Luke took the 1st place and received a prize of 250,000 USD.

Flying drones in the field

Flying drones indoors

Flying drones in simulators

Microelectronics soldering

3D objects modeling and printing

Disc golf on forest paths

Orienteering in the forest

Folk ball and other ball games
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Camp prices
There are 8 shifts in our camp: 4 shifts in July and 4 shifts in August.
Each shift lasts 3 days and 3 nights.
You can sign up for 2 shifts in a row, there will be 6 days and 6 nights.
Camp check in- on a day before (Sunday or Wednesday ) at 20:00.

The price depends on the date of your payment. An discount is available for early booking.
Price: before 15.05. - 185 EUR, 15.05.-15.06. - 205 EUR, after 15.06. - 225 EUR.

We provide additional 20 EUR discount:
  • for a school student from a large family (is recorded in the card of the Honorary Family)
  • if you're booking a place for two school students from the same family (brother, sister)
  • if you're booking a place for a student in two or more camp shifts
(Additional discounts are not cumulative.)
The minimum price of a discounted shift is 165 EUR.

If the epidemiological situation in Latvia doen't allow the camp to take place, we will make a full refund, withholding an administrative fee of 10 EUR.

The Robopilots drone school is registered in the register of educational institutions in Latvia (reģ.№.4351803429) You can partially reimburse the costs of education, including participation in the summer camp, by indicating these costs in your annual declaration.
July 2021
August 2021
Camp shifts and prices
Till 15.06.2021 :

standart price 205 EUR

price with additional discount 185 EUR
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What is the minimum age for participation?
At 8 years old, everything works out with confidence. There are individual cases when children successfully started at the age of 6 and even at the age of 5, but this, of course, is an exception to the rule.
Could it be interesting for girls?

Yes, definitely. But so far girls make up only 5% of all students. We are looking forward to the brave girls who are interested in technology. By the way, one of the camp leaders is female pilot.
Are there any additional expenses?
No, there are no additional costs. Unless it is necessary to take the child to the camp from Riga or return to Riga after the shift.
If a child accidentally breaks something, do I have to pay for it?
No, these are our risks. We are well aware that this is inevitable in a learning process.
Is it possible to start without initial preparation?
Yes of course! And it is quite common that children begin their education right in the camp.
Is it possible not to take the child to the camp yourself, but to transfer him in Riga?
Yes it is possible. A transfer in one direction will cost 25 euros per child. It is necessary to order in advance.
If a child does not know Latvian, is it possible for him to participate?
The working language in the camp is Latvian. But our camp leaders, besides Latvian, are also fluent in Russian and English.
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